With a background as a fashion designer, after graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, I also delved into styling and costumes. Soon I was introduced to theater, film and television, but also as a stylist for commercials. In my portfolio you will find a small selection of various projects I worked on. 


I find it a challenge to look for the perfect result, based on the target group, time after time. With an enormous love for textiles, I broaden my horizon by looking for new techniques and materials every time. I also like to work together with other (creative) departments, like 'Het Borduurburo' to stay inspired and create new results. Every little detail in my work shows the love for craftsmanship; in everything I deliver, you will recognize a piece of my handwriting. 


From now on you can also take a look in my shop. Here you can score your nice sustainable item, that is designed with a lot of attention and produced in a fair and environmentally friendly way. 


Feel free to take a look at my portfolio and to drop me a note for any inquiries,